Harness Clinic June 2016

Learn the fundamentals of harness, and early harness training/long reining at our one-day introductory clinic.

The morning session will cover harness and harnessing, the correct fitting, care and maintenance. We will cover collar fitting and explain a range of harness for different uses including competition and heavy working harness.

After lunch we will cover the very early stages of correct harness training from mouthing, voice control and long reining through to preparing the young horse for pulling.

Safety is our paramount concern and we will be teaching a thorough safety procedure in working with harness horses.

Whether you're an experienced person looking to brush up on your skills, or a novice driver seeking knowledge, this clinic is for you. Suitable for those with light horses/light driving or heavy horses and farm driving - all are welcome.

COST: $80 per person.

Lunch not included in cost, but The COACH HOUSE Country Cafe will be open for lunch, and limited accommodation is available by prior arrangement.

For more information, please call us on 07 8719711 or email enquiries@clydesdales.co.nz.

Date Added: Saturday, 11th June 2016
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