Pirongia Clydesdales Feature at 2011 Horse of the Year Show

Pirongia Clydesdales Feature at 2011 Horse of the Year Show

It’s been a while since the Pirongia Clydesdales have been involved with the Horse of the Year Show, over ten years, in fact. Therefore it’s with great excitement owners, Nick and Jill, and the team at Pirongia Clydesdales announce their well-known Clydesdale team will be providing the VIP transport at this year’s show.

Nick and Jill first appeared at the Horse of the Year Show with the famous DB Clydesdales in the late 1980s. The team performed a driving display in the Main Arena, much to the joy of admiring public and show organisers.

This year show goers are promised an impressive spectacle, as two striking Clydesdale horses drawn to the magnificent brass furnished show wagon will provide the VIP transport in the show’s Main Arena.

Horse of the Year Show Director, Mr. Kevin Hansen, is overjoyed to have the Clydesdales back at the show and had gone to great lengths to find suitable horse drawn transport to carry significant sponsors and VIPs to prize giving celebrations and special events taking place in the Main Arena throughout the duration of the show. The Pirongia Clydesdales will make 2-3 entrances into the arena per day.

The Horse of the Year Show takes place in Hastings, from March 15-20. The show boasts a celebration of everything equine and is now regarded as one of the largest and most prestigious equine event in the Southern Hemisphere. More information can be found at www.hoy.co.nz.

Date Added: Monday, 21st February 2011
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